Dominic Purcell Doesn’t Think Legends Of Tomorrow Is The Ugly Stepsister Of The Arrowverse


Those of you who’ve kept up with our DC TV coverage over the past few years may remember how I was highly critical of Legends of Tomorrow during its first two seasons. I mean, there were some definite highlights such as “Star City 2046,” sure, but more often than not, I was just watching to keep up with the Arrowverse as a whole – and also because it’s kind of part of my job.

Fortunately, it all turned around in season 3 when the show truly found its footing. In other words, it was no longer a boring series that made absolutely no sense when it comes to the logic involved in time traveling. Instead, each installment is now so much fun to watch – even if it still makes absolutely no sense when it comes to the logic involved in time traveling.

Believe it or not, Dominic Purcell, whom I happen to think is the standout due to his great performances as Heat Wave, also wasn’t very thrilled with Legends‘ earliest of efforts. In fact, he got very candid over on Instagram, going as far to say that he thought season 1 “sucked,” and went on to elaborate with the following:

“We had to change it drastically. The writers [and] the creative team changed its course with a genius master stroke. Let’s have fun with it.!!!! ….Now we have a show that embraces the absurdity the farce and the brilliant nature of its theme. I’m proud to be apart of this show. I was not originally. It was a dud.”

After that, Purcell boldly stated that Legends of Tomorrow is not “the ugly stepsister” in the Arrowverse, but rather, loves the more comedic tone it’d achieved with season 3:

“I’m very proud more than proud to be a part of LEGENDS, a wonderfully “Monty python- esque show”. I’m incredibly proud of my cast all of whom are exceptional talents who bring it! breathing life and lifting our amazing writers dreams off the page. It blows my mind how gifted our ART DEPARTMENT is. They continue to match and defeat every demand that is put on them. A rarity.”

If anything, Legends of Tomorrow will only continue its momentum now that John Constantine will be appearing on a regular basis once season 4 picks up on Monday, October 22 on The CW. And from everything we’ve heard so far, this new run will definitely be a treat for fans.