Don’t expect ‘Swamp Thing’ on HBO Max anytime soon

Swamp Thing

DC Universe’s Swamp Thing could have been incredible if it hadn’t been strangled in the crib. The much-hyped horror comic book adaptation premiered on the streaming service in 2019. But the show had its legs cut from under it when it was cancelled immediately after the first episode. This fatal blow came on top of the series already having had its thirteen-episode order reduced to ten, with WarnerMedia citing “creative differences” as the reason.

The CW subsequently purchased and aired Swamp Thing, with the character making a brief cameo appearance in their “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event, with the voice-over subtly referencing the show’s problems by saying “civilizations rose…and fell”.

Since then there have been murmurs of a resurrection, but a new report from TVLine hints that the show is both not returning and won’t be added to the HBO Max line-up. During Matt Webb Mitovich’s ‘Inside Line’ feature he was asked if Swamp Thing would come to HBO Max and said “There are no plans at this time for Swamp Thing to branch out to WarnerMedia’s main streaming service.”

But while the show seems dead, the character might not be. J.J. Abrams is currently working on Justice League Dark for HBO Max, which will feature all-new versions of DC’s more supernatural and occult heroes. Before that its characters will get solo shows, including a Black British John Constantine, as well as Zatanna and Madame Xanadu projects. In the comics Swamp Thing has previously been associated with this team, and there are rumors a new version will join the line-up.

With Alan Moore’s run with the character still among the best superhero comics of all time, hopes are high that his particular combination of body horror and environmentalist messaging can make the leap to live-action.

Come back soon, Swamp Thing!