‘Dragon Age: Absolution’ trailer invites you back into the world of Thedas


It has been more than eight years since the last Dragon Age game took us back to Thedas, and with the latest fourth installment still undergoing production at BioWare, perhaps Absolution will be as good as its name and quench our thirst for the amazing fantasy world.

The new animated series is a spinoff that takes place in Thedas and centers around a new character called Miriam. Not much is known about the plot, except for the fact that it’s going to involve a mysterious item known as the Circulum Infinitus, in the shape of a ring with a serpent biting its own tail.

If you feel like that imagery is familiar, it’s because you have seen it before, or rather, read about it, in Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series. BioWare’s Dragon Age took a lot of influence from the world of the Westlands back when the writers were originally conceiving this new narrative, and bits and parts of lore spilled from one fictional world into the other.

Still, going by this new trailer from Absolution alone, the Circulum Infinitus could be symbolizing the eternal flow of time, much akin to the Ouroboros.

Netflix has also released a brand new poster that shows the Dragon Age: Absolution ensemble. Check it out below.

Moreover, Absolution seems to be hinting that the narrative structure will closely tail that of a classic action role-playing game, with the protagonist, Miriam, gathering a party of warriors, mages, and thieves to embark on an adventure that will undoubtedly determine the very fate of Thedas.

Dragon Age: Absolution is slated for a Dec. 9 premiere on Netflix.