Dwayne Johnson Will Be President Of The United States In Legends Of Tomorrow

Dwayne Johnson

The idea of Dwayne Johnson becoming president of the United States has firmly entered the pop culture lexicon over the last few years. Sonic the Hedgehog asked if the former professional wrestler was running the country in his recent solo movie, it’s used as the framing device for NBC’s semi-autobiographical sitcom Young Rock, and now Legends of Tomorrow will venture to the world of 2045 where the actor has finally assumed the highest office in the land, as you can see in the featurette above.

Clearly, the creative team don’t fancy his chances for a while yet given that Young Rock has him occupying the White House in 2032 and Legends of Tomorrow opts to put him there thirteen years later, but for some reason, it’s been a recurring theme over the past 12 months or so.

Johnson has admitted that he’s open to the idea eventually, and a lot of his social media followers would clearly love to see it happen, but let’s just say it would be an understatement to call the last celebrity president divisive, and that guy starred in beloved family films Home Alone 2 and The Little Rascals.

That being said, Legends of Tomorrow has long been known for its irreverence and outlandish vein of humor, which is one of the major reasons it was renewed for a seventh season a couple of months ago. There were doubts about how much mileage The CW could wring out of the core concept, but by reinventing itself as a self-aware meta superhero action comedy, the quality has arguably only improved over the years, even if the ratings have dropped by more than 60% during the time the show has been on air.