Dwayne Johnson Rumored To Be In Talks For New Netflix Show

Hobbs & Shaw Dwayne Johnson

How Dwayne Johnson finds the time to get everything done on his to-do list is a mystery, as he always seems to be spinning multiple plates at once. When he’s working on a movie he’s regularly up at 5am to hit the gym before he spends all day on set filming, and he also produces all of his own output so he’s involved in the production and behind the scenes meetings as well.

Then there are his other business interests that extend to a tequila company, an energy drink, a partnership with Under Armor and the recent purchase of a football league, so it’s a jam-packed schedule all day, every day. We don’t know for certain what his next move is once Black Adam calls it a wrap, but a new rumor claims that the world’s highest-paid star is being chased to headline a Netflix series.

We do know that Johnson has the streamer’s Red Notice coming later this year, and he’s signed on for comic book adaptation Ball & Chain opposite Emily Blunt, but no additional details are provided on what this show could be. As such, we advise you take this one with a pinch of salt given the lack of information made available.

That being said, Dwayne Johnson did manage to fit five seasons of HBO’s Ballers in between consistently jumping from one big budget blockbuster to the other, and Netflix would definitely throw a huge pile of money in his direction to see him commit to an episodic project. But as of yet, The Rock hasn’t publicly settled on his next destination once his DC Films debut is out of the way. Though as soon he does, we’ll be sure to let you know.