New Arrowverse Crossover Pic Teases First Look At Arkham Asylum


This year’s Arrowverse crossover, titled “Elseworlds,” will see the debut of Ruby Rose as Batwoman. And what that means is that apart from getting an awesome new heroine added to the shared universe’s roster, we’ll also travel to Gotham City for the first time in any of these shows. Naturally, the crossover will pay a visit to one of the most iconic locations from Batman’s hometown: Arkham Asylum.

And now, over on Twitter, Arrowverse EP Marc Guggenheim has revealed our first look at the famous setting, teasing a fun easter egg in the process. The showrunner posted a shot of a grimy Arkham cell door, marked with a familiar name: “Guggenheim, M.” He then joked in his caption: “I’ve encouraged a lot of Easter Eggs in this year’s crossover, but this might be going too far.”

See for yourself below:

We’re not quite sure what role Arkham will fill in “Elseworlds,” but we do know that Jeremy Davies is set to play one of the doctors there, the villainous John Deegan. It’s been theorized that perhaps Deegan’s an adaptation of John Dee AKA Doctor Destiny from the comics, who possesses the Dreamstone that allows him to rewrite reality. Given the crossover’s tagline “reality will be rewritten,” it could be Dee who’s behind the weird identity-swap of Green Arrow and the Flash (as seen on the teaser poster for the event).

Another Gothamite who will appear in “Elseworlds” is Nora Fries, the wife of Batman villain Mr. Freeze. The character’s role is usually that of a victim – she’s typically kept in cryogenic suspension until Freeze can find the cure for her fatal disease – but we suspect the Arrowverse might be portraying her in a different way here. She’ll be played by Cassandra Jean Amell – wife of Stephen “Oliver Queen” Amell – and you can catch her when “Elseworlds” airs across The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl on the week starting December 9th.

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