Eva Green Rumored For Morticia Addams In Tim Burton’s Wednesday

Eva Green

Tim Burton tackling The Addams Family is one of the most logical combinations of filmmaker and property that we’ve ever heard, but Netflix series Wednesday isn’t going to be a straightforward remake of the classic TV show that’s undergone plenty of reinventions in both live-action and animation.

Jenna Ortega was cast as the title heroine back in May, but there haven’t been any further developments made public as of yet. The 18 year-old is definitely a star in the ascendancy, not to mention a Netflix veteran having starred in Season 2 of hit psychological thriller You, The Babysitter: Killer Queen and Yes Day, but the focus will now be turning to the names poised to inhabit the rest of the Addams clan.

Johnny Depp has long been a fan favorite choice for Gomez, but the jury is still very much out on that one, despite his long history with Burton dating back 30 years. The master of Gothic fantasy is famed for working with certain stars repeatedly in a variety of projects, so it’s no surprise to hear a new rumor making the rounds that claims Eva Green is in talks for Morticia.

The duo teamed up for Dark Shadows and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and if she wasn’t being touted for Morticia, then the talk would more than likely focus on Helena Bonham Carter instead. That being said, Green is an obvious and yet ideal candidate for the matriarch of the Addams household, one that would definitely go down a storm with the fanbase. Wednesday is a murder mystery that unfolds at Nevermore Academy, so a plum supporting role for Green would bring some instant gravitas and some top tier vamping.