WandaVision’s Evan Peters Started Laughing Hysterically When He Learned Ralph’s Name


Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were losing their minds when Evan Peters’ Pietro Maximoff showed up in WandaVision. Not only was he the first of the X-Men to appear since Disney had purchased Fox, but he was a key part of the rebooted timeline beginning with Days of Future Past, leading to all sorts of possibilities.

Like every other episode of the show, Peters’ surprise cameo generated a thousand different fan theories, only for Marvel to pull the rug from under us for a second time during the finale. It turned out that we hadn’t seen one of Fox’s mutants cross over into the MCU via the multiverse, but it was an elaborate ruse constructed by Agatha Harkness instead.

The American Horror Story star wasn’t playing the same role as before, and in an even more meta twist, he was struggling actor Ralph Bohner, who many believe to be the mysterious missing person that drew Jimmy Woo to Westview in the first place. The conclusion of his arc generated plenty of discussion and debate as it split opinion down the middle, and in a new interview, Peters offered his thoughts on the second Quicksilver twist.

“I didn’t know his last name was Bohner. So, there’s that scene where I’m upstairs in my man cave, and I’m explaining to Monica Rambeau. She looks at the headshot, and she says ‘Ralph Bohner!. And I was like, ‘Bohner?!’. I started hysterically laughing because I had no idea that my last name was Bohner. I knew that from the beginning that he was Ralph, and that he was being controlled by the witch.”


Naturally, there’s since been speculation that the MCU will change its mind about Quicksilver for a third time, and Peters might yet play the character again in a more canonically straightforward fashion. As always, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but after WandaVision, it would seem that nothing can be ruled out where Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch is concerned, not least of all now that she’s mastered her abilities and finds herself in possession of the Darkhold.