Evan Rachel Wood Says People Will “Get Up And Clap” After Westworld Finale


It’s been a long, strange journey for those of us who’ve been following season 1 of HBO’s new kid on the block, Westworld. The show arrived with a considerable amount of hype, with many proclaiming it would be the next Game of Thrones – a juggernaut series which captures the attention of everyone and keeps you talking about it non-stop throughout its run.

While we don’t think it’s quite at that stage just yet, Westworld has certainly become a pretty big deal thanks to its excellent performances, deep and layered story and constant twists and turns that have you on the edge of your seat almost every episode. As we head into the finale, a lot of questions remain unanswered, but thankfully, most of them will be resolved. Or at least, that’s what we’re being told.

And speaking of what we’re being told, it also seems as if fans will be thoroughly satisfied with the events of the final episode. During a recent interview with Indiewire, Evan Rachel Wood said that she thinks people are going to “get up and clap” after they watch it.

“The only thing I can say about Episode 10 is I feel like a lot of people are going to get up on their seats and clap.”

Given what we’ve seen from the show so far, we’re inclined to believe what the actress says (this isn’t the first time she’s hyped up the finale, either). After all, Westworld hasn’t disappointed us yet, and though not everything will be wrapped up in a satisfying manner once those end credits roll, we’re quite alright with that. They need to leave us with at least a few reasons to tune in for the already confirmed season 2, right?

Tell us, which questions are you hoping to have answered on Sunday’s finale of Westworld? Sound off down below and let us know!