Everybody’s doin’ it in the trailer for the Harley Quinn ‘Valentine’s Day Special’

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy
Image via HBO Max

Just in case you haven’t made it down the seasonal candy aisle at your local grocery, everyone’s least/most favorite holiday is upon us and Harley Quinn and her girlfriend Poison Ivy will be whooping it up in what looks to be (if the trailer can be trusted), the horniest holiday special in HBO Max’s history. Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Special is set to premiere next month and it looks like everyone in Gotham is gonna get a little this year.

The trailer shows off a lot of familiar faces but there are quite a few DC stars we’ve never seen before — at least not in the alternate otherworld where Harley Quinn is set. The Flash and Zatanna appear early in the trailer in a pairing that’s never appeared in any DC property to date. We also get an appearance from The Demon aka Etrigan and even an appearance from Darkseid who has a date! Which will surely annoy anyone who’s spending Valentine’s Day alone (although, hey, it does prove there’s really someone for everyone out there — even if you’re looking to eradicate all life).

All the old familiar faces are there as well. King Shark reinterprets the pottery scene from Ghost, Bane gets down and kinda dirty in a dungeon (hey, he’s already got the mask), and even Annual Villy Awards “Best Couple” runner-ups The Riddler and Clock King get to make an appearance.

The trailer doesn’t drop too many clues as to how Harleen and Pamela are making out relationship-wise — aside from the obvious — but one element does seem to involve the citizens of Gotham City going full ham on each other after Ivy’s Valentine’s Big “O” (brought about by Harley, duh) causes a freak storm of aphrodisiacs to spread through the city. Holy VD Batman!

Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Special will premiere exclusively on HBO Max on Feb. 9. The fourth season of the show is expected to debut sometime later this year.