Expect The Final Battle Scene In This Fall’s DC TV Crossover To Be Huge


With this being the fourth consecutive year that The CW will be going ahead with a DC TV crossover, it’s only expected that they go for the “bigger and better” approach. After all, it’s not just Arrow and The Flash participating in this monumental mashup, as we also have Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl in the mix.

Truth be told, such a thing is to be expected since the producers were bold enough to title this baby “Crisis on Earth-X.” Long story short, the heroes we know and love from Earth-1 will be forced to do battle with their doppelgangers from Earth-X, a world where the Nazis won World War II, thus creating a much different landscape.

But whereas past instances saw each parts of a given crossover retain their identity as individual shows, Arrow‘s Stephen Amell has stated that won’t be the case this time around. Instead, expect this year’s offering to feel like one true four-parter made up by seamless storytelling.

Now, Legends of Tomorrow executive producer and showrunner Phil Klemmer has backed that up, but also added that the final installment will be home to a gargantuan donnybrook. Just be sure to note that Amell’s math skills were a little better:

“Getting to do the final episode is a huge treat. This season more than last, they’re all like part of a two-hour movie and, which means that we have the gigantic third act Avengers fight in the middle of the city.”

Aside from what’s sure to be an action sequence to remember, Klemmer also warns of a great tragedy to take place. Could this go hand in hand with the “true love” Green Arrow is said to find? Only time will tell.

“We also get to do the most tragic and heart-wrenching part of the story, which is weird ’cause normally we’re the funny show. We’re supposed to be the silly goofballs traveling through time, but just the way the story broke this year, we deal with the most heart-wrenching moment of [the episode]. The whole point of doing this show is doing something new every week, and with the crossover the new thing that we try on is tragedy.”

The DC TV crossover event is scheduled to begin with Supergirl and Arrow on Monday, November 27, and concludes with The Flash and Legends on Tuesday, November 28 on The CW.