Extended Community Season 3 Trailer With More Dancing

Shortly following a teaser trailer, there is yet another trailer out for Community season 3. This time? Much more dancing. The new video has the same funny Abed (Danny Pudi) opening, mysterious drug-like shot of Jeff (Joel McHale), and fantastic conversation between John Goodman and the Dean (Jim Rash). But trust me, this trailer is worth the watch for Community-holics for the extended amount of dancing alone.

Clearly, there’s going to be a musical episode. Community is famous for doing themes, like the season 2 finale which was an epic action/adventure episode. Having covered numerous other themes, like the one-room mystery, Pulp Fiction, zombies, and claymation, I’m kind of surprised they haven’t done a musical episode yet. This new trailer is only about a minute long, and most of it highlights the upcoming episode.

The new trailer doesn’t shed any more light on the character-driven plot, but we do see Chang (Ken Jeong) in the dance sequence. Whether or not he is friends with the study group remains unknown. Regardless, I’m sure they will continue to utilize the character, who became famous for his puns in season 2, lest they make fans Chang-ry.

Community season 3 will premiere on September 22nd on NBC. Check out the trailer below.