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New The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Set Video Shows US Agent In Action

A new set video from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier shows US Agent in action, teasing us what to expect from him in the show.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was announced back in April 2019 and confirmed for an August 2020 release. Despite COVID-19 wreaking havoc on Marvel Studios’ production schedule, there’s been no official announcement that it’s postponed. However, the fact that we’re seeing new set videos emerge from the show in early July might be a big hint that some kind of delay is inevitable.

The series is set after the events of Avengers: Endgame and shows the difficult handover of the Captain America mantle. As we saw in Endgame, an aged Steve Rogers handed the shield down to the Sam Wilson’s Falcon. Apparently, the US Government aren’t best pleased with that decision, and the show will introduce us to their ‘official’ replacement: US Agent aka John Walker. Problem is, the US Agent is dangerously unbalanced and maybe not the best guy to give superpowers to.

Now, a new set video from the Prague shoot appears to show US Agent in action, engaging in a fiery fight scene with an unknown combatant. The clip is shot from too far away to be entirely sure what’s going on, but it’s easy to spot that signature shield in action. My thinking is that the guy with the shield is the US Agent and the person fighting him is Bucky (though these are probably their fight doubles rather than the actors).

Rumor has it that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s six-episode run will now be split up into two parts. The first three episodes completed filming prior to the Coronavirus lockdowns, so they should be ready over the summer, whereas the latter half (which we see being filmed here) will air sometime in early 2021.

Given that we’re less than a month away from August 2020, I’d hope we’ll hear some kind of announcement of a premiere date very soon, along with a full trailer. Disney+ has a lot riding on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which is set to be their biggest show since The Mandalorian. Here’s hoping that the production complications aren’t visible in the final product and that they’re not trying to rush it.

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