The Falcon And The Winter Soldier May Be Split Into Two Parts To Avoid Delay

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

As with the rest of the entertainment industry, Marvel Studios has shut down production across the board since the global lockdown took affect. Once it became clear everything was going to be delayed, they didn’t take too long in announcing a new release schedule for all their Phase 4 movies. What they’ve yet to do, however, is confirm what’s going to happen with their first batch of Disney Plus TV shows. When can we expect The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on the service, for instance?

Well, some new info may reveal what Marvel’s currently considering doing with the show. Beyond the Trailer’s Grace Randolph has shared on Twitter that her sources are telling her the studio is entertaining the idea of splitting the first season of the Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan vehicle in two. The completed first half would air, as expected, this August while the final episodes would arrive on the site in 2021, once they’ve got a chance to complete them.

It’s known that Falcon was nearing the end of its shoot when the pandemic broke out, with the production team forced to hold off on wrapping up their filming in Prague. This release plan would make sense, then. With so much of the show already in the can, it’d be a waste to throw away the intended release date and delay the whole lot until next year. It’s also not unheard of for streaming series to drop seasons in two halves.

Still, Marvel is only said to be considering this option right now. Presumably, they’re holding off on making a definitive decision because they’re hoping they might be able to complete the shoot soon enough to release the whole season as one. WandaVision’s a slightly different story, though, as that’s actually finished filmingLoki, meanwhile, could also be chopped in half as well, according to Randolph.

Tell us, though, would you be happy with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier releasing in two parts? And is that really the best option? Have your say in the comments down below.