Disney Won’t Confirm If WandaVision And Falcon And Winter Soldier Will Release In 2020


We know full well that Marvel Studios’ plans for the MCU Phase 4 have been totally altered due to the coronavirus outbreak, with each of their movies coming over the next few years delayed. It’s unclear, though, where their upcoming TV series stand. Both The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision are supposed to be arriving on Disney Plus this year, marking the start of an exciting new era of Marvel TV.

However, it looks like Disney are just as uncertain as us about when they’re going to arrive. As per The Verge, Disney CEO Bob Chapek has confirmed that The Mandalorian season 2 will arrive on the streaming service this fall, as intended. But nothing was said about the two MCU shows, which may tell us a lot. Clearly, the studio isn’t in a position right now to state when they’ll be released. Which likely means there’s a possibility of them landing by the end of the year, but they can’t be sure right now.

So, where do the two shows stand, as far as we know? Well, Falcon was just about to wrap up its production in Prague when the virus hit, so it’s possible that’ll be able to kick off again soon now that the Czech capital is officially allowing foreign film crews back in. As for WandaVision, one recent report stated that the shoot had actually managed to complete before the lockdown and it’s apparently in its post-production stage already.

In many ways, this is hopeful news, as if there was no chance of seeing The Falcon and the Winter Soldier or WV this year, then Chapek would’ve simply announced that they would be arriving in 2021. And the current statuses of the shows suggest they might be able to make it. However, Disney’s continued silence on the matter isn’t exactly encouraging, either. After all, it’s very easy to imagine November’s Black Widow being the only MCU entry we end up seeing in 2020.