Fan Favorite Heroes Return In New Young Justice: Outsiders Trailer


To me, at least, it seems like only yesterday when Young Justice was cancelled. I can vividly remember tuning in for the finale, only to witness a cliffhanger featuring one of my favorite supervillains, that being Darkseid. His last minute reveal alone caused me to lament Cartoon Network pulling the plug on the series after only two seasons due to a lack of toy sales – even though there was really no support on the merchandising end to begin with.

Fortunately, though, the fanbase didn’t go quietly into the night. In fact, many spent the past few years showing support by purchasing the video game, rewatching the first two seasons on Netflix, and screaming for vengeance on social media.

As luck would have it, prayers were answered by the DC Universe streaming service, which’ll soon shift its focus toward Young Justice: Outsiders. Yes, season 3 comes equipped with a subtitle, and the latest promo for it can be viewed at the top of this article.

Granted, it’s not quite as extravagant as the longer trailer that hit the web last month, though it does offer us new looks at the expansive cast. Not only that, but returning favorites like Nightwing and Superboy are prominently featured as well.

Speaking of which, lovers of the live action Titans show may want to pay attention to this unfolding saga because those two fellas may very well be the future of that series, too. At the very least, I hope for Dick Grayson to transition to the Nightwing persona over there.

Getting back to the subject of animation though, it’s worth mentioning how other goodies have surfaced in recent weeks as well. Those of you who’ve been keeping up with the latest news probably saw images revealing Batwoman’s debut, not to mention Kaldur’ahm graduating from Aqualad to Aquaman status. That’s right, we’re certainly in for one hell of a season.

Young Justice: Outsiders premieres on Friday, January 4th on DC Universe.