Fans are furious this chart-topping lesbian romance series didn’t get a shower scene


One of Netflix’s hottest shows right now (and no, it’s not Stranger Things) has its fans in a frenzy over a proposed shower scene that never made the final cut. Lead actress Sarah Catherine Hook broke the news to fans via her Instagram story. Hook is otherwise known for playing Debbie Glatzel in the third installment of The Conjuring franchise, The Devil Made Me Do It. The spicy lesbian romance has topped the charts in Netflix’s “Top Shows” category, surpassed only by Peaky Blinders and Stranger Things. In an Instagram story upload, Hook stated, “I’m probably not allowed to share this but yolo, there was high key supposed to be a shower scene but the water was #toocold and they didn’t want us getting sicky poo.”

If you haven’t guessed yet, Hook plays Juliette Fairmont in the recently released romance drama First Kill. According to the reveal, she and co-star Imani Lewis — who portrays Calliope “Cal” Burns — were intended to share a steamy shower scene together.

As it turns out, that’s exactly what the fans wanted — especially LGBTQ+ viewers — and they’re positively outraged that the scene never made it into the show. Obviously, a suggestive shower scene between two women would earn huge points for lesbian representation — but also queer representation overall — and would hopefully show signs that First Kill wasn’t planning to follow the “bury the gays” trope any time soon. Without that all-important shower scene, maybe the program creator V. E. Schwab has the go-ahead to follow stereotypical gay romance and give the audience everything they want — just to snatch it away.

Either way, First Kill fans aren’t happy. Maybe Hook will live to regret the Instagram post once the word has circulated that Juliette and Cal were supposed to share such an intimate moment together. Already, First Kill pairing Juliette and Cal have been dubbed “Caliette” and gained a substantial following among fans.

First Kill, which is based on V. E. Schwab’s short story of the same name, premiered on June 10, 2022. The series follows Juliette, a teenage vampire who needs to perform her first kill to take her place among her powerful family of vampires. Juliette encounters Calliope, whom she targets romantically, but after learning that Calliope shares her feelings, Juliette finds it increasingly difficult to kill her and complete her task; not to mention that Calliope is a descendant of monster hunters, so she evens the playing field.

In addition to Hook and Lewis, First Kill stars Elizabeth Mitchell as Margot, Juliette’s mother; Aubin Wise as Talia, Cal’s mother; Gracie Dzienny as Elinor, Juliette’s older sister; Dominic Goodman as Apollo, Cal’s older brother; Phillip Mullings, Jr. as Theo, Cal’s eldest half-brother and Jason R. Moore as Jack, Cal’s father. All eight episodes, the titles of which begin with “First,” were released on June 10, allowing for fans to binge-watch them in one sitting. Now, First Kill fans are eagerly awaiting a second season, which has yet to be announced. Perhaps then, they might get their long-awaited shower scene.