Fans Furious At Cut “Supercorp” Kiss In Supergirl

It’s basically impossible to be a Supergirl fan at this point and not know about the ship known as “SuperCorp.” Things like SUPERGIRL IS GAY have trended multiple times across social media as viewers of the show cried out to have Lena Luthor and Supergirl be in a canonical lesbian relationship.

While the Supergirl finale aired a few days back, fans are now learning that the two characters kissing may have originally not only been a part of a script but was even potentially filmed before being cut from the film after a series of leaks online.

The potentially leaked script describes the moment of the kiss as follows:

“A crackling moment between them. Then…

Kara kisses Lena with a fierce, longing passion. Lena kisses her back. The walls they’ve had up for so long finally breaking down… to what they’ve always wanted the most.”

Check out some of the potentially leaked pictures and script in the Tweet below.

As fans have been crying out for this to happen for so long, many fans were absolutely devastated that the scene was cut.

However, some people were so incredibly happy the moment happened at all that they decided it was canon anyways and were celebrating.

So now it looks like not only is Superman now bisexual but Supergirl could have flown under the rainbow even more than we ever could have imagined. Are you happy or sad that the scene was seemingly cut from the show? Sound off in the comments!