Fans Furious At Cut “Supercorp” Kiss In Supergirl

It’s basically impossible to be a Supergirl fan at this point and not know about the ship known as “SuperCorp.” Things like SUPERGIRL IS GAY have trended multiple times across social media as viewers of the show cried out to have Lena Luthor and Supergirl be in a canonical lesbian relationship.

While the Supergirl finale aired a few days back, fans are now learning that the two characters kissing may have originally not only been a part of a script but was even potentially filmed before being cut from the film after a series of leaks online.

The potentially leaked script describes the moment of the kiss as follows:

“A crackling moment between them. Then…

Kara kisses Lena with a fierce, longing passion. Lena kisses her back. The walls they’ve had up for so long finally breaking down… to what they’ve always wanted the most.”

Check out some of the potentially leaked pictures and script in the Tweet below.

As fans have been crying out for this to happen for so long, many fans were absolutely devastated that the scene was cut.

However, some people were so incredibly happy the moment happened at all that they decided it was canon anyways and were celebrating.

So now it looks like not only is Superman now bisexual but Supergirl could have flown under the rainbow even more than we ever could have imagined. Are you happy or sad that the scene was seemingly cut from the show? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Wow, surprised to see they even filmed it after leading fans on for so long. Such a shame it was cut in the end

  2. urpsays:

    im happy you guys are reporting this! supercorp kissed and the cw cut it that aint right!

  3. FacePalmsays:

    Please do your research. It’s a fan fake. There was never a leaked scene. You got trolled.

  4. omgf_youcantbeserioussays:

    I can’t believe how badly researched this is. The person who made the manipulation never hid the fact, even explained how they did it. And then there’s people taking it and trolling half the fandom and somehow you didn’t catch up on ANY of that?
    Or is this a calculated article because you know you’re gonna get clicks from the Corps?

  5. Smfhsays:

    This never happened. That was all photoshop. A edit. Kara and Lena are just friends. People need to let this go jeez…

    1. Petawilsonsays:

      I know right. Now that Clark Kent(Superman) son is bisexual they want everyone to gay. Let it go people. They are really good friends. What? You can’t have a deep meaningful friendship with a woman without you having to be gay? Seriously? Seriously?!!

      1. Lmaoosays:

        Look at you crying over the concept of us wanting to have representation I don’t think lesbian sat there and asked for Clark to be bisexual but go off King we love to see homophobia just killing it in the comments and don’t say I’m not homophobic because you literally are

      2. Chisays:

        You are 10p percent right nor are you homophobic like the person here is insinuating

    2. Copysays:

      I know right?

    3. Sugar Bearsays:

      Well said

  6. ROFLsays:

    Yeah…. “All” those Supergirl fans. The last hour didn’t even manage 500,000 viewers (490K / 0.1 share). By comparison, the Smallville finale did 3.02 million. When a Superhero show focuses on who kissed who — or who got married. What a garbage show. Supergirl should have been cancelled years ago. It died with a whimper.

    1. MonroeJsays:

      Stay pressed. If it was garbage you wouldn’t be wasting time commenting about it. And this isn’t 2011. People do not just watch on their little cable boxes with Nielsen monitors.

      1. Troofsays:

        It was shat, sis. Dynasty with capes. Stay woke though – it’ll get you far.

      2. MikeyMikeisMesays:

        You’re not seriously suggesting that Supergirl had the same following across various media that Smallville did just on network TV? Even though Smallville lost numbers over 10 seasons, there’s no way Supergirl’s final season topped it. I’ve watched from the beginning, and it’s all gone downhill so badly it’s just sad.

    2. MikeyMikeisMesays:

      It’s a shame. It used to be good, but I’ve had to force myself to watch the last season. It’s one thing to have “a message,” but another to beat someone over the head and condescend to them. Yes, we know discrimination is bad., but when your approach is “you’re racist and don’t know it” or whatever, it’s insulting. Died with a whimper nailed it.

  7. Angelika Monroesays:

    You mean the kiss and the script that the people who posted literally admitted to faking??? JC, who does the fact checking here?

  8. Angelika Monroesays:

    Who does the fact checking? It’s literally Photoshopped. The script, the kiss. The people who posted it literally admitted to it in their tweets.

    twitter . com/Cath_Mellrk/status/1458558450447888387?t=b1xaZlQrNvBQVeOzzniB6w&s=19

  9. Tabysays:

    This is fake. That kiss never happened.

  10. Tabysays:

    This is so fake. That kiss never happened…

  11. Some_Guysays:

    No offense to real gay people, but the Arrowverse had gotten so disproportionate with gay representation, including Kara’s own sister, that making Kara and Lena gay too would’ve come off as ridiculous.

    Again, no offense to gay people. In fact if this show were better written I’d say go for it. Could’ve actually been a great plot line.

    Maybe the next incarnation of Supergirl will start out with that premise in mind from the outset. Probably be a few years before we’ll see one way or the other.

    1. Lmaoosays:

      Oh yes because gay people existing is super unrealistic you recognize that it’s not like unheard of for families to have more than one gay sibling you also recognize like gay people like have a community so it’s like not crazy for a whole fucking group of gay people to exist at the same time what a crazy content you absolute nimrod

      1. Jesus, our Lord and Saviorsays:

        I don’t get why so many people hate Batwoman? It’s a good show and so many people are homophobic towards it.

      2. Bethsays:

        I don’t think the intention of some guy’s post is that LGBQT+ people existing is unrealistic. I think what he means is that the proportion of those characters in Supergirl’s world and inner ciecle is not in proportion to the real world where the numbers of such people are smaller.

        Being in that group of people myself, I know way more non LBGQT+ people than I do those like me. Our numbers are kind of small. But being that Supergirl is a TV show I guess they can do what they want.

        But I think the point Some Guy made was exemplified when the first vampire like character the cast meets is gay. That would be unlikely considering the gay people to straight ratio. But let’s look at the over-repesentation in Supergirl’s inner circle: you have her sister Alex , Jimmy Olsen’s sister Jenny, Dreamer, and Brainiac 5 (because he’d have to be sexually non binary to date Dreamer). Martin Manhunter and M’gon, and Lena are the 3 that aren’t LGBQT+. So not counting the main character that’s 4/7 characters in her circle that are that way. It’s disproportionate mathemativally.

  12. Kind of glad it didn’t happen. Look, I don’t care if someone is gay or a lesbian or whatever, but the fact that if they did kiss it would come out of nowhere. It wouldn’t have made any sense to the storyline. It just would have been dumb.

    1. Lmaoosays:

      If you actually watch the show then yes it would have made sense and there was people who didn’t even like care about them together who started actively seeing it especially with the pacing change in the last season it’s not that hard to open your eyes to something that is not straight

    2. Honestly, I don’t really care about the sexually of people, but don’t force sexually onto characters unless the creator of the character(s) makes them that way, it makes you seem uncivilized, forceful, and dictatorship-ish in my own personal opinion

      1. diamondsays:

        nobody is forcing anything onto you moron.

  13. Boxysays:

    Upside down world

  14. Galsays:

    Dude… That’s fake. The script is fake and the photos were confirmed as manips of the shippers. Please, do your research better

  15. Halessays:

    It was fan made. This article is a joke and you really need to put effort into researching

  16. Zorrosays:

    This show got Too gay… that’s why I lost interest. Turned out to be a gay platform insted of tv show.

    1. diamondsays:

      shut up nazi

  17. Clark Kentsays:


  18. Just a fansays:

    Seriously. Does everyone have to be guy or bi sexual. Glsd it ended the way it did. Let everyone decide how they wanted to believe it ends. Just

  19. Liam6911says:

    What a pile of BullSCHIFF with this crapfesr article…. NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO BE WOKE!!!!

  20. Alexandrasays:

    It was photoshopped from one of the fans. This article is embarrassing.

  21. stephenehansensays:

    as a proud gay man, i want this kiss aired. stephen e. hansen portola valley, CA

  22. Boopersays:

    We still need more diversity in the comics world but,Milestone Comics return is a great start. From your biggest fan.Frederick Warrington Jones the 4th.generation.

  23. myround0says:

    Good grief. Why does a hero’s sexuality matter. Supergirl if anything should have had a long passionate kiss with Guardian when he returned. That was a romance that never took off. Or even Mon-el…

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