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Fans hope Anakin doesn’t cameo in ‘Young Jedi Adventures’ for obvious reasons

Let's hope there's no 'Order 66' in this one.

Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars
Image via Disney/Lucasfilm

In the Disney era of Star Wars, sometimes it seems the producers don’t double check the source material before filming. They maybe should have Googled “Order 66” ahead of announcing The Young Jedi Adventures.

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Fans on Twitter pounced on the comedic opportunity laid before them. 

Set during the era of The High Republic, Star Wars’ newest addition to the sprawling timeline, the cartoon is aimed at the youngest of Disney fans. While Twitter users had plenty to say about Anakin Skywalker and Young Jedi Adventures, the G-rated show won’t have any death and bloodshed. Besides, all the events during The High Republic take place about 200 years prior to the Skywalker Saga, but when has logic and reasoning ever gotten in the way of sarcastic humor?

Whether it’s under the direction of George Lucas or Disney, Star Wars has always been geared toward children as much as adults, if not more so. The Ewoks, Jar-Jar Binks, and basically any weird creatures destined to be plush toys were in the films to appeal to small children. For that matter, 90 percent of Phantom Menace was meant to be a kids’ movie, which explains why many adults detested Episode I.

That being said, Lucas seemed convinced that the Ewoks would be his next major franchise. They had their own direct-to-video fantasy movie and a cartoon series, neither of which struck the right chords with fans. For some Twitter users, Young Jedi Adventures left them with visions of teddy bears dancing in their heads.

Before we condemn the new cartoon, we should hold our judgements until the first couple of episodes premiere sometime in 2023.