Fans notice a parallel between Clint Barton and Kate Bishop in ‘Hawkeye’ episode four

Fans have been going crazy over the most recent episode of Disney Plus’ Hawkeye; while some have been ecstatic with the surprise return of one star, others have been annoyed that another favorite didn’t show up.

However, regardless of where you fall, there are parallels between the archers to draw. One particular parallel is making us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

During the first half of episode four, Kate Bishop asked Clint Barton about the best shot he ever took. He replied, “the one I never took,” an ode to the shot he never took at Natasha.

As fans know, Natasha and Clint became best friends until Endgame, when Natasha gave her life for the soul stone, leaving Clint and the world broken-hearted at her loss.

However, unbeknownst to the truth, Yelena was given Clint’s picture and told that he was to blame for Natasha’s death, leaving Yelena on a path of revenge, which fans know meant that she was on her way to New York to find Clint.

Later on in the episode, after an epic rooftop brawl between Echo, Kate, Clint, and a masked assailant. Echo flees the fight leaving only the three begin, and the superheroes discover the masked assailant is Yelena, sister of Natasha and fellow Black Widow. Kate gets a chance to take a shot at Yelena, but after a brief look between the women, she does not end up taking it. Instead, she lowers her bow.

hawkeye yelena

Neither Hawkeye took their shot at the widows, making it the best shot that either of them ever took. So now fans believe that this mirrors Clint and Natasha’s first meeting.

Hawkeye next airs on Disney Plus, December 15