Fans pay tribute to Gaspard Ulliel’s posthumous ‘Moon Knight’ MCU debut

Francois Durand | Getty Images

This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight episode three throughout

Moon Knight‘s third episode premiered today on Disney Plus and continues the show’s hot streak. This week’s episode ends with a touching dedication to actor Gaspard Ulliel, who died aged 37 in a skiing accident in January. The French actor plays Anton Mogart, depicted here as a fabulously rich collector of ancient Egyptian artifacts with very dubious morality.

This was one of Ulliel’s last performances, though it seems that his final on-screen performance will be in Emily Atef’s upcoming film More Than Ever, due for release later this year.

Fans have been paying tribute to Ulliel’s posthumous MCU debut on Twitter, with many noting that he was taken from us too soon:

Others are simply paying their respects and praising his performance:

Some also wondered whether Marvel Studios had future plans for his character:

It’s notable that Ulliel’s Anton Mogart didn’t have any of the key characteristics of his comic-book counterpart, such as a caped costume and penchant for committing heists at the stroke of midnight.

Mogart may yet return in future episodes of Moon Knight, though it’s likely that Marvel Studios were also keeping Midnight Man on the back burner for future MCU appearances. Those are now unlikely to happen, as Kevin Feige has so far shown reticence in recasting characters whose actors have died.

If you want to see more of Ulliel, we recommend the 2004 World War I movie A Very Long Engagement, his performance as fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent in 2012’s Saint Laurent, and his César Award-winning lead role in 2016’s It’s Only the End of the World.