Lennie James Vows To Expand On Morgan’s Story In Fear The Walking Dead


On April 15th, two worlds collide.

It’s a crossover event that has been long on the cards, as AMC prepares to ship Morgan Jones (Lennie James) over to its undead companion series, Fear The Walking Dead, in time for its fourth season.

Details are few and far between, particularly as AMC currently has all hands at the pump in anticipation of The Walking Dead‘s mid-season premiere, “Honor,” which is due to hit screens on February 25th. But when pressed about Morgan’s journey over to FTWD, Lennie James warned viewers that not everything is as it seems, which isn’t all that surprising now that The Walking Dead is beginning to toy around with flash-forwards and other novel narrative techniques.

It’s very, very tricky and it’s the question that everybody’s asking me and it was the question that, obviously, I had when it was all proposed to me. But, at this particular moment in time, I can’t answer that question. I can safely say that, in a weird way, it is both a continuation of that battle that Morgan’s having with himself and with the people around him, and it is still part of his journey to finding some kind of inner peace—but it’s not necessarily told in a straight line. As is typical—or becoming typical—with The Walking Dead, it is not as straightforward as any explanation that I’m allowed to give you would necessarily seem.

But Morgan isn’t one to give up the ghost, nor is he about to wave the white flag and surrender to the walkers. It’s this drive that puts him on a path toward the Clark family, who have endured some difficult times of their own no thanks to Fear The Walking Dead season 3.

As for the imminent arrival or Morgan, Lennie James vows to expand on the fan-favorite character later this year:

It is a continuation. The journey we’re gonna see Morgan on expands his character, but is still part of that battle that he’s having—with himself and the world around him and trying to figure out how best he can continue with the punishment that he’s been given, which is to keep living.

Once season 8 of The Walking Dead has come and gone, and AMC’s viewers get a glimpse of that fully nude walker – a first for the undead flagship, no less – Fear The Walking Dead season 4 will make history in its own unique way. And it all kicks off on April 15th.

Source: TV Insider