Here’s How Morgan Will Be Incorporated Into Fear The Walking Dead Season 4


Forget Ingrid Goes West; on April 15th, Morgan Jones goes west – all the way to Fear The Walking Dead season 4.

After eight years spent oscillating between series regular and a fan-favorite guest on The Walking Dead, Morgan Jones is all set to become the connective tissue that binds AMC’s two shows together. The bridge between two worlds, if you will.

It’s a crossover event that will seemingly play with our expectations, too, while Robert Kirkman believes Morgan’s arrival is the first of many changes set to occur on Fear The Walking Dead season 4…and beyond. But while speaking with Entertainment Weekly, FTWD‘s newfound showrunners, Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, discussed the ways in which Lennie James’ character will be incorporated into the prequel series, with Goldberg stating:

I should start by saying that we are huge fans of the character Morgan from The Walking Dead and his journey that he’s gone through on that show, starting in the pilot, and how he interacted with Rick, and how that played out over now eight seasons on the show.

In terms of how he interacts with Fear, we started this season with a plan of where we wanted to take our characters, emotionally, speaking about isolation and community and hopelessness and hope. As it happened, it sort of became undeniable when we started to talk about that, Morgan should be a critical element in that story.

In a nutshell, it seems the events that transpire in The Walking Dead season 8B – specifically those involving Morgan Jones – will act as something of a springboard for Lennie James’ survivor, who will begin to find his feet in Fear The Walking Dead shortly after the show returns in April.

April 15th, to be specific, by which point AMC’s adaptation of the famous All-Out War storyline will have reached its conclusion. More on Morgan’s forthcoming crossover when we have it.

Source: EW