Morgan Arrives In New Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Promos

Morgan in Fear the Walking Dead Season 4

Two worlds will finally collide this year when a character from The Walking Dead crosses over to sister show Fear the Walking Dead for the first time.

As revealed a while back, Morgan Jones (Lennie James) is that character, meaning he’ll leave the parent series at the end of season 8 before hopping over to Fear. And now, ahead of that show’s fourth season, we’ve got our first promos for the new run, which give us a look at Morgan on the series as well as a hint at what the next step will be for his character.

First up, this short teaser reintroduces Madison Clark (Kim Dickens), Fear‘s own equivalent to TWD‘s Rick Grimes, who appears as tough as ever after surviving the dam explosion that served as a cliffhanger at the end of the season 3 finale. “We’re not going anywhere,” she says to someone off camera, before things quickly come to a close.

Next up, we’ve got our first look at Morgan. While the clip used is fairly innocuous – it simply sees the character running along a road – the voiceover teases that he might be due for another mental breakdown. “I lose people, and then I lose myself,” he says.

TWD fans will remember that Morgan went off the deep end when he lost his son back in season 3. So, it looks like he’s in danger of slipping again now that he’s left his old friends behind and moved across the country.

Of course, it’s possible that Morgan might be saved from another meltdown by his new ally Althea (Maggie Grace), who’s also joining the show alongside him. We previously learned that the pair would team up and go on a road trip in her armored truck, and in this third and final teaser for Fear season 4, we get a glimpse at how tough and ready for action Althea is.

The Walking Dead season 8 continues for the next few weeks, while Fear the Walking Dead will be back before you know it, arriving on AMC on Sunday, April 15th.

Source: IGN