First Look At Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Teases Dwight’s Return


Fear the Walking Dead season 4 tied in with its parent series for the first time when Lennie James hopped over from The Walking Dead as Morgan Jones, joining the regular cast and eventually effectively becoming the new lead of the spinoff show. Season 5, which is quickly approaching, will repeat the trick by introducing another former TWD star in the form of Austin Amelio, who’ll be stepping over to Fear as former Savior Dwight.

We found this out last month and now we have our first look at Dwight’s return with these new photos from the upcoming fifth season. One features Amelio with an axe over his shoulder and his character’s distinctive disfigurement still visible – as given to him as punishment by his ex-boss Negan. The second, meanwhile, sees a walker still standing, despite his kin burning up all around him. That looks like a tease for a rather exciting sequence.

Dwight first appeared on TWD back in season 6, as a loyal lieutenant of Negan’s. However, by late season 7, he’d defected to Team Grimes. Daryl never forgave him for his earlier actions, though, and banished Dwight from Alexandria in the season 8 finale, ordering him never to return. We already knew that he never did, as he hasn’t been seen on the show across its various time jumps in season 9, but now we know the reason why: he traveled over to Texas and joined the Fear crew.

So far, Walking Dead fans are feeling slightly conflicted about Dwight hopping over to the sister series. Many love the fact that a) we’re getting another crossover with TWD and b) that we’re seeing more of this character with a lot of potential. However, some miss the days when Fear was able to carve out its own path. That’s just part of the cross-pollination across the Walking Dead brand that AMC’s got planned, though. See also: Andrew Lincoln’s movie trilogy.

Fear the Walking Dead season 5 will arrive later this year once TWD season 9 has concluded. And as soon as we learn more about Dwight’s involvement in it, we’ll be sure to let you know.