Finn Jones’ Danny Rand Suits Up In New Photos From The Set Of The Defenders


Sadly, he’s still not in his superhero costume, but he is wearing a very smart suit and tie. This is vastly different to previous set photos (specifically those from Iron Fist), and they may well spoil the fact that Danny ultimately gets back control of Rand Industries from the villainous Meachums in his solo series.

That could end up playing a key role in The Defenders, especially as someone is going to have to fund the team, right? Murdock & Nelson isn’t doing too well, Alias Investigations is just getting off the ground, and Luke Cage has only just got out of jail when this series begins, so having a billionaire and his resources around to take on The Hand will come in very handy indeed.

The Defenders is set to air at some point next year, but it could be quite a few months before Marvel and Netflix release anything official. For now though, these set photos continue to intrigue.

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