The Man Without Fear Crosses Paths With Jessica Jones In Latest Set Photos For The Defenders

Part and parcel of the excitement that’s currently swirling around The Defenders, Marvel and Netflix’s team-up series earmarked for 2017, is that it’ll finally bring together the four superpower cornerstones of this most intriguing universe: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and of course, Mike Colter’s musclebound Luke Cage.

Previous set photos have teased how those heroes will riff off one another on the streets of NYC – along with some of the potential flashpoints – but today, the latest pics herald the first meeting between Matt Murdock’s Man Without Fear and Jessica Jones, the kick-ass heroine played by Krysten Ritter. As these shots were taken in broad daylight, both heroes are dressed down in their civvies – as is typical for Ritter’s unruly character – and it’s impossible to garner exactly what has brought them together in the first place. Perhaps Sigourney Weaver’s mystery big bad has something to do with it? We’ll find out soon enough.


Set to comprise eight episodes in total – a fairly significant cut from the standard template of 13 – The Defenders has brought together a truly star-studded ensemble, plucking supporting players from each of those four aforementioned standalone series. How successful the team-up series proves to be will no doubt hinge on how showrunner S.J. Clarkson (Jessica Jones, Vinyl) strikes a balance between character drama and electrifying action.

The Defenders is one of three Marvel series due to hit Netflix in 2017. Before the heroes of Hell’s Kitchen assemble though, Danny Rand and the world of Iron Fist will debut on March 17, 2017, while the studio is also rustling up a solo series for The Punisher.