Finn Jones Promises Iron Fist Season 2 Will Be Unlike Anything We’ve Seen Before


While most of the TV shows connected to the MCU have been praised by critics and fans alike, one of the outliers in the franchise was the first season of Netflix’s Iron Fistwhich was largely viewed as the worst entry yet (at least, until Inhumans came along). As such, Marvel Television and the streaming service will be hoping for a very different reaction to the upcoming second season, then.

While some might be suspicious that the series can be improved, star Finn Jones is promising that season 2 will be hugely different from the previous run. Following on from filming on the show coming to an end, the immortal Iron Fist (protector of K’un-L’un, sworn enemy of the Hand) himself took to Instagram to thank his co-workers and to tease that season 2 will be “unlike anything we’ve seen before.”

“Alright, It’s 4.37am and after an incredible, long and physical 7 month winter shoot in NY, we have wrapped! It’s gonna be so weird not seeing all your faces day after day, I’m really gonna miss you all – Greatful [sic] to everyone involved, we came at this season with fierce ambition, relentless work ethic, passion and optimism. I think the story we’ve told and the journey the characters have been on this season is unlike anything seen before. I’m proud, exhausted, but above all, ready for all of our hard work to be enjoyed across the world. Congratulations and Thank You!”

Story details about the next batch of episodes are currently under wraps, but we do know a few of the cast members set to return. Co-lead Jessica Henwick will reprise her role alongside Jones as Colleen Wing, with Defenders-verse mainstay Rosario Dawson also coming back as Claire Temple. Alice Eve is joining the cast, too, in an “undisclosed part,” though it’s rumored she’s playing a version of comic book villain Lady Gorgon.

Following showrunner Scott Buck’s double-whammy of flops in Iron Fist season 1 and Inhumans, he’ll be replaced for season 2 by Sleepy Hollow‘s Raven Metzner, who’s apparently bringing an expert knowledge of the comics and a passion for martial arts movies to the table. Hopefully he’ll be able to produce something that lives up to Jones’ big claims, then.