Danny Hits The Streets Of NYC In First Iron Fist Season 2 Photos


Proving that even overwhelmingly negative reviews can’t keep a Marvel franchise down, work has now begun on the second season of Netflix’s Iron Fist, with two new set photos leaking from the production.

The pics show Finn Jones back in character as Danny Rand AKA the Immortal Iron Fist (he’s the Protector of K’un-L’un and the Sworn Enemy of the Hand, don’t you know?) on the streets of New York. The second photo also sees him joined by on-screen love interest Jessica Henwick, reprising her role as kickass martial artist Colleen Wing.

The last time we saw Danny and Colleen was in The Defenders, where they’d joined with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and their allies to defeat the Hand once and for all. The experience had a big impact on Danny, in particular, as he was left with a greater sense of purpose as he now saw New York as his home. The final shots of the miniseries even featured Danny imitating Matt Murdock and overseeing his city on a rooftop.

Plot-wise, we know next to nothing about Iron Fist season 2 so far, but a few casting details have come our way. Simone Missick’s Misty Knight will crossover from Luke Cage, presumably so that she can form the Daughters of the Dragon partnership with Colleen, as per the comics, and Alice Eve (Star Trek into Darkness) is the big guest star of the season, playing an unknown new character who’s likely to be a villain.

Season 1 showrunner Scott Buck (who managed to helm Marvel’s two biggest turkeys this year with this and Inhumans) has been replaced for the new run, with Raven Metzner (Sleepy Hollow) taking over. Finn Jones has also promised fans that the show will improve its action scenes, which were notoriously lackluster last season.

As for what we’d like to see, here’s hoping that Danny will finally don his classic comic book costume this time around, after it was disappointingly absent from the whole of season 1. Likewise, fingers crossed Mike Colter turns up as Luke Cage, as Jones is set to guest star in LC season 2, as well.

Iron Fist season 2 is set to land on Netflix at some point in 2018.