Firefly Fans Are Furious About The Rumored Disney Plus Reboot


Disney already boasted the single strongest roster of properties in the industry long before they completed their takeover of Fox. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars and Pixar, along with the animated and live-action divisions of Walt Disney Pictures all under one roof, the Mouse House’s stranglehold over pop culture was enough to make Darth Vader’s Force choke look like a gentle tickle.

And now, having bought out even more of the competition and revealed plans to focus on original streaming content, there are innumerable brands that could be brought back to life under the Disney banner. The news that Noah Hawley and Ridley Scott’s Alien series was set up at FX on Hulu would indicate the company aren’t above resuscitating R-rated franchises, either, especially with Dan Trachtenberg also developing another Predator reboot.

One recent rumor that didn’t go down too well, though, was the report making the rounds earlier this week that a new version of Joss Whedon’s cult classic sci-fi show Firefly was in the works. It may have been canceled close to 20 years ago after just eleven of the fourteen episodes had been broadcast, but the adventures of Mal Reynolds and his crew have retained a fervent following, and a Disney-fied take on the material doesn’t seem to have much support, as you can see below.


Of course, the number of people that have never even heard of Firefly before is exponentially larger than the amount of diehard fans, and if they want to take another crack at it, then there’s literally nobody that’s going to stop them. After all, based on their relentless quest for complete and utter domination of the entire entertainment sector, it’s Disney’s world now and we all just live in it.