First Look At Jason Todd’s Robin In Titans Revealed


DC Universe, the upcoming streaming service dedicated to all things DC, will kick off with the highly anticipated Titans, the series that’ll have the distinction of bringing the Teen Titans to live-action for the first time ever. We also know that the show will do the same for the likes of Hawk and Dove, Doom Patrol and Jason Todd AKA the second Robin.

We’ve previously seen actor Curran Walters in the role via set photos, but now the first official pics of the hero more commonly known as Red Hood have landed online. The two images, courtesy of IGN, see Todd teaming up with his predecessor as the Boy Wonder, Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites), who’s since left Batman’s side to go at it alone.

Though dark and dingy due to the setting of a dank alleyway, we can see enough from the snaps to work out that Todd will don a similar Robin costume to Grayson’s on the show. As you might expect, it doesn’t look like the pair will get on, and we imagine Jason doesn’t like living in Dick’s shadow while the latter’s aggrieved that Batsy’s replaced him so quickly.

Speaking of which, seeing as we have two Robins in one series, does that mean Batman himself could put in an appearance? If he does, he might have some strong words for his former protege. After all, the startling first trailer for Titans opened with Grayson mercilessly cutting his way through some hoodlums and crying “F*ck, Batman!” Bruce is no saint, but we don’t think he’d tolerate the violence or the potty-mouth.

Seeing as Todd’s usually the edgier Robin in the comics, it’ll be interesting to watch how Titans will make him even more extreme than Grayson seems to be. Maybe they’ll switch it up and make Todd the more wholesome one? Going by the shots above, he’s already got the stance of Burt Ward’s classic 60s Robin down.

Titans 12-episode first season is set to drop on DC Universe on Friday, October 12th, though the site itself will launch on September 15th.

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