New Titans Set Photos Take Us To Gotham And Reveal Jason Todd


Though there isn’t much to speak of at the moment when it comes to whatever Titans‘ plot will entail, we seem to be getting a better idea of what to expect as the weeks pass. Heck, just earlier today, we learned that none other than Superboy will likely show up in the season finale!

Having said that, it’s obvious much excitement and speculation surrounds whichever other DC characters may be added to the mix. In fact, a couple months back, we heard that Jason Todd will be playing some sort of role in due time, though it’s very doubtful he’ll come into the Red Hood persona – for now.

Naturally, with guys like Dick Grayson and Jason getting in on the action, it’d feel quite weird if Gotham City didn’t serve as a location. Come to think of it, information did get out in late March saying as much, but now we have photographic evidence confirming the team be paying a visit to one of the most infamous urban areas in all of fiction.

Thanks to the folks over at Titans Brasil on Twitter, we’re able to bring you the above gallery consisting of set photos showing Curran Walters as Jason Todd. Not only that, but several Gotham City emergency vehicles are on hand as well, in addition to a bank sign.

Right now, we imagine the producers of this particular series don’t have too much room to play around in this regard, for many other Batman characters are currently tied up on Gotham. But considering how that show’s set to end after its fifth season, previously untouchable heroes and villains may be on the table if Titans is renewed for a sophomore run on the upcoming DC Universe streaming service.

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