The Flash’s Robbie Amell Reveals Which MCU Characters He Wants To Play


The Flash actor Robbie Amell has already appeared as the DC’s Ronnie Raymond aka Firestorm, but he’s recently expressed interest in playing several MCU superheroes if the opportunity arises.

Fan casting has always been one of the great hobbies of online communities. Sometimes, the candidate in question is so perfect for the role that even concept artists get roped into the debate and draw up designs of the respective actors in costume. And ever since Robbie Amell appeared in the first season of The Flash as a regular, fans have always wondered whether he’d be up for playing another superhero in a different fictional universes.

Of course, it goes without saying that the Arrowverse community would prefer to see the actor return as Ronnie, but as Amell recently explained, resurrecting dead people in that particular multiverse is problematic for everyone involved. So, if bringing back Ronnie is so impractical, as the producers insist, despite fan demand, then what about other superheroes?

Well, Amell tackled this question in the same interview, naming a few Marvel franchises that he’d like to appear in. And as you can imagine, the actor is keener on playing lesser-known characters.

“I’m sure there’s some that I’m not familiar with that I think would be awesome,” He revealed. “Whatever the next Guardians of the Galaxy is, that would be really cool. I really like the idea of Marvel doing their version of the X-Men. So, someone in the the X-Men would be awesome. They’re going to reboot Fantastic Four. There’s so many possibilities that any of them would be cool.”

Of course, Ronnie has appeared several times as doppelgängers from other Earths throughout the Arrowverse, so Amell has managed to keep close to the superhero playground.

Tell us, though, would you like to see the actor reprise his role as Firestorm in future seasons of The Flash? And how about the MCU and its upcoming X-Men projects? Sound off in the usual place down below.