The Flash Star Explains Why Bringing Back Old Arrowverse Characters Is An Issue

The Flash

Robbie Amell was a major part of The Flash in its debut season as Ronnie Raymond, fiancee to Caitlin Snow and the original Firestorm. However, he died off-screen before season 2, sacrificing himself to close the wormhole that had opened up above Central City. Since then, he’s returned for a couple of guest spots. First, as Ronnie’s evil Earth-2 doppelgänger Deathstorm and then as a mirage within the Speed Force.

He hasn’t been seen on the show since season 3, however. While speaking to, Amell revealed that he would “love” to drop by the DC universe once again, but he also made a very good point about how it’s difficult to bring back old characters into the Arrowverse shows, as it’s hard to fit them into the plot without them stealing screentime away from the regular cast.

“I would always go back to The Flash,” Amell said. “With that it’s a little more difficult because it’s not fair to not be there, and then come in and try and be you know a main character. So it’s fun to be able to come in and cameo but they have so many characters that are due their time, that you never want to be the guy that’s coming in and stealing anything away.”

Amell’s argument makes a lot of sense. If Ronnie were to return, there would have to be some sort of explanation for it – whether it’d be to do with an alternate timeline, another Earth, etc. – and that would have the knock-on effect of reducing the roles of the other Team Flash members that week. That probably explains why the character hasn’t featured in the series for three years.

The best place for a return is probably in one of the yearly multi-crossover events, then. Fans know going into them that things aren’t going to be as character-focused and we’re all expecting wall to wall cameos. Why not bring back all three Firestorms – Ronnie, Jax and Professor Stein, maybe through time travel – in the next one? You can have that idea for free, CW.

The Flash reaches its season 6 finale, episode 19 “Success is Assured,” this coming Tuesday, May 12th.