The Flash Is Casting An Alien-Obsessed Scientist For Season 6


In just a matter of weeks, filming on The Flash‘s sixth season will commence. Having said that, it’s fair to assume that casting news will accompany the first trailer which’ll likely drop during the show’s annual presentation at San Diego Comic-Con.

According to TV Line, the creative minds behind the series are currently seeking out someone to fill the role of “a socially awkward, African-American genius in math and science (who specifically is a bit obsessed with aliens and their tech).”

When it comes to more specifics, all else that was said entailed this newcomer making the acquaintance of Cailtin Snow and Cisco Ramon. Beyond that, it’s hard to decipher whether this’ll be a new addition to the STAR Labs crew, or if they’re simply someone crossing paths with the stalwart favorites. Furthermore, we don’t know if this person is male or female, friend or foe.

Based on what TV Line had to say in their scoop, it does look like we can rule out the new kid on the block being the overarching big bad for the upcoming season. Still, they could be a villain, so let’s hope our heroes don’t let their guard down. From the sound of the description given, I’m picturing a hybrid of Arrow‘s Curtis Holt and Lex Luthor as he’d have been imagined in J.J. Abrams’ canned Superman: Flyby screenplay (he was a government agent obsessed with UFOs.)

Speaking of which, what’s with the emphasis on alien tech? This makes me wonder if season 6’s new big bad will come to us from the stars above. Though suspicions have already been cast on the Red Death or a new version of Mirror Master, we’ve yet to hear anything from the producers themselves. The Powers That Be could be dusting off the Dokris native to the Silver Age, but we’ll have to wait and see.

The Flash returns with new episodes on Tuesday, October 8th on The CW.

Source: TV Line