The Flash Is Casting A Gender-Neutral SJW Reporter For Season 6

The Flash Season 4

Now that cameras have begun rolling on The Flash‘s sixth season, casting news is expected to come flooding in. Already, photos leaked from the set have revealed Killer Frost’s new costume, with much more expected to be shown off at San Diego Comic-Con next week.

Right now, we’re still in the dark as to whom the big bad may be. Though suspicions have been cast on the Red Death and a new version of Mirror Master, nothing’s been confirmed as of yet. We do know that someone else will be under the Godspeed mask come this fall, but odds are he’s a one-shot villain.

But when it comes to other new additions who are more likely on the side of good, it’s worth mentioning how an alien-obsessed scientist will be added to the cast. Additionally, TV Line reports “The Flash is looking for a Latinx actress to play an eager cub reporter with a hankering for social justice.” Furthermore, they’ll likely be hired by Iris West-Allen’s developing Central City Citizen.

While this is certainly fine and will provide Iris’ news outlet with a different voice, the SJW (social justice warrior) angle may not sit well with some viewers. To be honest, this element caused a percentage of the audience to tune out of Supergirl‘s fourth season, which was heavily political.

Though I have no political lean myself, I can at least understand the argument. More often than not, people want their superhero stories to be escapist fare, and to not have the problems of the real world lobbed at them when they’re not watching the evening news.

In other words, showing folks that “good guys” can still be cool and provide them with a moral compass isn’t mutually exclusive with using a series as your own platform for political soapboxing – and that’s something of which Supergirl‘s writing staff is actually guilty of. Remember when that show used to be fun to watch? Yeah, it’s been a few years.

The Flash returns with new episodes on Tuesday, October 8th on The CW.