The Flash Dropped A Major Crisis On Infinite Earths Tease Last Night


The Flash season 5 returned after a month off last night for its eighteenth episode, “Godspeed,” which took a trip into the future and Nora’s past. Through flashbacks – or maybe flash-forwards? – we saw how Barry and Iris’ daughter discovered that she had super-speed when she encountered the supervillain Godspeed.

From there, we found out how she first came into contact with Reverse-Flash, who she’s secretly been in cahoots with all season. With her father having gone missing when she was a child, Eobard Thawne is the only place Nora can get the answers she craves and the supervillain helps her by sending her to the Time Vault in the Flash museum.

While there, Nora realizes that her father was the Flash and what really happened to him – the Scarlet Speedster disappeared in a huge, apocalyptic crisis that took place in 2024. Of course, this didn’t come as a surprise, as this has long been established on the show. What was a shock, though, was that Nora discovers a video message filmed by Barry in the middle of the event, giving us our first hint at this year’s big crossover, “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”

The message consists of a tearful Barry apologizing for not being there for Nora growing up or to help her with her powers. It’s an emotional scene, but if you can drag your attention away from the heartbreaking dialogue, you’ll note the red skies behind the hero, which is the traditional sign that some major multiversal threat is going down. Fans are also claiming that the cry of “get down!” heard in the background at the end of the video could be Oliver Queen.

We still don’t know why the Crisis is coming in fall 2019 instead of 2024, but it’s likely that Nora and Thawne’s meddling with the timeline doesn’t erase the event from history but brings it forward instead. The good news for the Allen clan is that Flash will presumably survive it this time around, as all signs point to the Green Arrow perishing instead.

Stay tuned for more “Crisis” teases as The Flash season 5 continues Tuesdays on The CW.