The Flash Fans Devastated Over [SPOILERS] Death In Season 7 Premiere

The Flash

The premiere episode of The Flash season 7 not only brought fans up to speed again, but also raised the stakes with an unexpected and heartbreaking death.

As you’ll know, the crew behind The CW’s Scarlet Speedster didn’t manage to conclude the sixth run last year due to the restrictions imposed by the ongoing global pandemic. After a long hiatus, though, the cast returned to filming the remaining three episodes, but the network opted to move them up as the first three chapters of season 7. And after much speculation about what would transpire in Barry Allen’s fight against the Mirror Master, the premiere managed to shock people and tug at their heartstrings.

During last night’s outing, Team Flash struggled to find a new power source to embody Barry’s Speed Force. Eventually, the Council of Wells – doppelgängers of Harrison Wells throughout the multiverse – realized that the multiversal particles within Nash could help restore the protagonist’s speed. The only catch being that he has to die for that to happen.

All these different versions of Wells embody Barry and try to convince Nash that he can redeem himself after the events of last year’s season and “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” And sure enough, he decides to sacrifice himself and all the other versions of Harrison Wells to create a new Speed Force.

As you can imagine, fans are pretty heartbroken over this surprising development, and here are just some of the things they’ve been sharing on Twitter:

While The Flash premiere made it pretty clear that this was the end of Harrison Wells as we know him, the incident doesn’t necessarily imply that this will be the last of Tom Cavanagh in the Arrowverse, especially considering the fact that the Reverse-Flash could potentially make a return in the seventh season.