Watch: Time’s Running Out For Barry In The Flash Season 7 Clip

The Flash

Our first clip from The Flash season 7 has arrived, and it reminds us that time is running out for the Scarlet Speedster. The minute-long sneak peek, which comes our way via IGN Fan Fest this Saturday, features Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen discussing everything that’s facing Team Flash with Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) and Cecile Horton (Danielle Nicolet).

When season 6 wrapped earlier than intended thanks to the pandemic, it meant that many plot threads were left dangling for the next run to tie up. What this means is that the new season kicks off in an unusual way, with our heroes knee-deep in trouble. As this clip reminds us, Eva McCulloch’s Mirror Master remains at large, with Barry almost powerless to stop her as his speed continues to run out – he might have just a few hours left. Meanwhile, Iris remains trapped in the Mirrorverse.

There’s also a brief reference to Ralph Dibny in the footage, with Cecile mentioning that he and Sue have gone underground following McCulloch framing the latter for the murder of her husband, Black Hole’s Joseph Carver. This acts as a brief but effective explanation for why Elongated Man won’t be on the show for a while, following Hartley Sawyer’s firing last year.

The clip also reveals the surprising fate of Sam Scudder, the original Mirror Master, last seen in season 3 – Eva has killed him, as Barry mentions finding a clue amongst Scudder’s “remains.” His girlfriend Rosa Dillon AKA The Top, played by Ashley Rickards, will feature in the premiere, though, as seen in the promo images found in the gallery above. And as said in this scene, Cecille will try to get some information out of her that could help them take down Eva.

The Flash 7×01 “All’s Wells That Ends Wells” premieres on The CW this March 2nd, as part of the network’s new Tuesday night Arrowverse double bill along with Superman & Lois.