The Flash Has Found Its Elongated Man In Hartley Sawyer


So far, The Flash has brought in no shortage of speedsters aside from Barry Allen, both good and evil. Not counting any larger crossovers with the rest of the Arrowverse, the show can also lay claim to having introduced characters with other powers and skill sets who have made their mark, namely Vibe, Killer Frost, Gypsy, Firestorm and Captain Cold.

Well, when the series returns this fall, it’ll add yet another beloved DC hero to its pantheon, that being the Elongated Man/Ralph Dibny. And when I say “beloved,” I should clarify that he’s more so well known to those who read the comics, so it’s understandable if some of you who are reading this aren’t familiar with him. Really, aside from guest shots on animated favorites like Justice League Unlimited, this is one guy who hasn’t had too much exposure outside of literature.

As for who’ll play Dibny, the honor goes to Hartley Sawyer (The Young and the Restless), who’s set to appear in a recurring role. Obviously, live action iterations can differ a bit from their comic book counterparts, but the character description given sounds true to the source material:

“One of the Flash’s most iconic allies, Ralph Dibny — a.k.a. The Elongated Man — is a fast-talking private investigator with investigative skills that rival those of Batman. Upon discovering he has the power to stretch his body to any shape or form, Dibny uses his new abilities to help Team Flash solve one of Central City’s greatest mysteries.”

Honestly, a few of those words could’ve been chosen more carefully because some may now believe Batman’s existence in the Arrowverse has been confirmed. Rather, we think the network was just trying to get across how formidable Elongated Man’s intellect is by comparing him to the Dark Knight. Regardless, we trust that he’ll be a keen ally in the coming battle against the Thinker.

The Flash returns for its fourth season on Tuesday, October 10 on The CW.

Source: CBR