The Flash Just Hinted At Shazam Existing In The Arrowverse


In the past few weeks alone, we’ve gotten confirmation on both Wonder Woman and Robin existing within the Arrowverse. Actually, each of those factoids came via Batwoman, so it comes as no surprise that the usually Easter egg-filled The Flash counter with something amazing in its own right.

If you tuned in for last night’s episode, “Dead Man Running,” then you’ve already met the latest iteration of Harrison Wells to be played by Tom Cavanagh. As it turns out, this guy is named “Harrison Nash Wells,” and he’s an adventurer from elsewhere in the multiverse.

To get specific, he’s come to Earth-1 in search of an element called Eternium. At first, he thought Iris West-Allen was rich with it for some reason, but the closing scene showed him seemingly discovering a large deposit of it in the sewers of Central City. The whole situation forces me to recall Ghostbusters 2, to draw a humorous parallel.

Now, in case you were wondering what’s so special about Eternium, it’s best you know that term is applied to the shards scattered from what used to be the Rock of Eternity. This concept should be most familiar to readers of Legion of Super-Heroes comic books, although most reading this should know the basics regarding Shazam lore now that he’s headlined a movie.

Following this reveal, we can only assume that either Shazam already exists somewhere in the Arrowverse, or accept he’ll never come into being at all, what with the Rock of Eternity being no more. Then again, “Crisis on Infinite Earths” could rewrite everything in that regard, so we can’t be too sure. But no matter how you slice it, Harrison Nash Wells will somehow pave the way for the crossover, so don’t take your eyes off him.

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on The CW.