The Flash Season 5 Set Pics Reveal Nora’s Costume And A New Villain


Now that filming has commenced on The Flash‘s fifth season, we can expect for pictures from the set to surface online from time to time – and for a new trailer to likely drop this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. But since we’re not speedsters ourselves and therefore are unable to travel to the future, let’s just focus on the information we have in front of us.

Thanks to ThemysciraBound over on Twitter, us Arrowverse fans have been treated to a few surprises far in advance of fall premieres. As it turns out, the images you’re about to take in reveal Nora Allen-West’s superhero costume, as well as a villain of some sort.

From the look of it, Nora’s threads aren’t that far removed from those donned by Iris when she temporarily received Barry’s powers in season 4. And this makes sense since Iris gifted that very jacket to Nora at some point in the future, which we learned of in May’s finale. The major difference, though, is that an insignia now adorns the chest.

When it comes to the villain, our best guess is that this masked man is a freak of the week, so to speak. If not, the costuming department has seriously had its budget slashed because this would be a pretty weak look for whomever will serve as the big bad for the next run.

Previous reports stated that Cicada will be the next overarching antagonist, but it’s important to remember nothing has been confirmed at this point. Even so, it’s expected that Barry, Nora and their pals at STAR Labs face a variety of lesser foes along the way.

The Flash returns for its fifth season on Tuesday, October 9 on The CW.