The Flash Season 6 Set Photo Offers Great Look At Barry’s New Suit

The Flash

New season, new suit. The Flash returns to The CW very soon for its sixth run and Barry Allen will be getting himself a fresh costume to celebrate. The Scarlet Speedster’s costume has been a work in progress from the show’s beginning, with various design elements being tweaked as per fan demands – remember the original red-backed lightning logo? This latest one, though, is arguably the most comic-accurate yet.

Filming continues on the sixth season in Vancouver and recently star Grant Gustin stopped to pose for a photo with a fan. The snap allows us a closer glimpse at the new suit than we’ve been able to get from the promo pics so far, making clear the detailing on the torso and how breathable the material looks. Not seen in the photo is the Flash’s revamped cowl, which replaces the chinstrap missing from the season 5 version.

His previous suit, of course, was a gift from the future by his time-traveling daughter Nora, complete with Flash Ring. Nora isn’t around any more, however, due to the young heroine sacrificing her existence to correct the timeline in the season 5 finale. You can be sure that Barry and Iris will be grieving her loss when the new run kicks off.

Not that they’ll have time to mourn, though, as there will be new villains aplenty in Central City as always. Godspeed is due to serve as the antagonist of the season opener, with Sendhil Ramamurthy starring as big bad Bloodwork. He’ll only stick around for the first half of the season, though with another unknown foe taking over for the back-half.

The reason why is because the show will be irrevocably changed by “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” According to showrunner Eric Wallace, the incoming crossover will have the affect of stepping on a landmine and we look forward to seeing how all the pieces fall back into place in the aftermath.

The Flash 6×01 “Into the Void” airs Tuesday, October 8th on The CW.