The Flash Showrunner Hints At Possible Divorce For Barry And Iris

The Flash

Things haven’t been smooth in the West-Allen household across The Flash season 6. First, the couple thought that they were set to be torn apart when Barry met his fate in the Crisis. However, even the fact that he managed to survive the multiversal event didn’t end their troubles. As things currently stand, Iris is trapped in the mirrorverse with Eva McCulloch. And her husband has no idea that she’s been replaced by a duplicitous doppelganger.

This storyline’s been going on for multiple episodes as it is, but Barry and the real Iris’ separation has been extended even more by the show’s current hiatus. Fans are fearing for the fate of the West-Allens, then, and showrunner Eric Wallace’s latest tease doesn’t do much to allay our worries.

While speaking to TV Line, Wallace promised that the pair are about to face a very rocky patch in their relationship, saying:

“Barry and Iris are, indeed, about to experience the rockiest month of their marriage so far,” Wallace says. “Where it ends and what happens as a result? Sorry, no spoilers here!”

We’re surely not about to see Central City’s favorite couple divorce, though, are we? Barry and Iris have come through so much as it is. They’ve even weathered an evil version of one of them coming between them before – hello, Savitar. Having said that, when Iris finally gets out of that mirror and has to deal with the fact that her husband has kind of been living with another woman and didn’t realize it wasn’t really her, it only makes sense she’s not going to be super-happy. Not to mention that Barry himself isn’t exactly in high spirits now that his speed is running out.

We’ll finally find out how things develop from here when The Flash returns to The CW with episode 6×16 “So Long and Goodnight” on Tuesday, April 21st.