The Flash Star Addresses That Season 6 Iris Plot Hole

The Flash

There are many mysteries hanging over The Flash following the earlier-than-intended conclusion of season 6. Thanks to the run being cut short by two episodes due to the pandemic preventing production from completing, the season ended on a massive cliffhanger, with the big bad still at large and Barry Allen’s beloved wife Iris still trapped inside the Mirrorverse. There’s actually another little enigma surrounding Iris from much earlier in the season though that we also don’t have an answer to yet.

During a TVLine column answering questions from fans of various TV shows, one Flash fan brought up what happened the first time Nash Wells met Iris. He scanned her with his sensors and detected a heavy amount of Eternium particles on her. It was later established in that episode that there was a source of Eternium in the same spot she had been in, so Iris being the carrier could’ve been a bit of misdirection. Some wonder if there’s more to come from this, though.

TVLine put the question to Iris herself, Candice Patton, and the actress revealed that she also has no idea whether this will become something more important, though she seems to suggest that it could happen.

“I remember shooting that and thinking, ‘This is cool! What does this mean, if it means anything?'” Patton told TVLine. “And I don’t have an answer for that, so it will be interesting to see if we revisit that and see what that little nod was about.”

Last time we saw Iris, she looked like she was starting to go the same way as Eva McCulloch, meaning she could transform into another Mirror Master herself and maybe even become a villain – however briefly – that her husband has to fight. After all, it’s been teased that the West-Allens will be faced with some marriage problems once Iris finally does escape from the Mirrorverse.

The Flash won’t be returning to The CW this fall, as usual, remember. Instead, season 7 will premiere in January 2021. Expect more news to come from DC FanDome later this month.