The Flash Season 7 Theory Says Iris Will Become A Villain

The Flash

Thanks to the pandemic preventing production from completing, The Flash season 6 – which aired its finale earlier this week – concluded in an unusually downbeat fashion. Firstly, Team Flash wasn’t able to stop Eva McCulloch’s Mirror Master/Mistress from killing her husband Carver and framing Sue Dearbon for his death. And secondly, Barry wasn’t able to free his wife Iris from the Mirroverse. Last time we saw her, she was engulfed in bright reflective light and vanished to, according to showrunner Eric Wallace, somewhere even worse.

It seems certain that Iris will emerge from the Mirrorverse in the first few episodes of season 7, as they would have been the ending installments of season 6. But we’ve been promised that her time in the other dimension will have a massive effect on her marriage. And, as this is a superhero show we’re talking about, the divide between the couple could be taken to a grander scale. For instance, what if Iris becomes a villain in season 7?

This is what a lot of folks are wondering after the finale, including ScreenRant, who’ve laid out this bold theory. Over the past few episodes, Iris has been beginning to suffer from many habits that Eva has – including her incessant scratching, frequent headaches, etc. She even appeared to use some mirror powers at one point. We can definitely infer that Eva’s time in the Mirrorverse corrupted her mind, so what if the same thing is happening to Iris?

It’s possible that her feelings of resentment towards Barry for not rescuing her, or even not noticing the Mirror Iris wasn’t really her, for so long could boil over into a full-blown quest for revenge. With Iris’ close knowledge of how Team Flash operates, and her potential mirror powers, Evil Iris could be a huge threat. After all, the season 7 synopsis teases that a “powerful and devastating” new foe will emerge that will have major consequences for Barry’s marriage, but is Iris this foe?

It seems unlikely she would end up as a villain permanently, of course, but any turn to the dark side would certainly have massive repercussions for The Flash.