The Flash Star Grant Gustin Explains The Harrison Wells Twist

The Flash

The Flash season 7 dropped a major unforeseen development in its second episode. The final moments of this week’s outing revealed that, contrary to what the season opener suggested, we haven’t seen the last of Harrison Wells. This time around, Tom Cavanagh will be playing the somehow-resurrected original Wells, as in the one murdered by Reverse-Flash years ago. Fans have a lot of questions about this twist, and star Grant Gustin has now teased a little bit about what we can expect.

The Scarlet Speedster actor spoke to Entertainment Weekly recently and though he didn’t go into detail, Gustin hinted that the revived Wells of Earth-1 isn’t “necessarily” the real deal, which will allow for Cavanagh to do “something slightly different” with the character yet again.

“Well, there’s kind of a twist there, too, like always when it comes to Wells,” Gustin explained. “It’s not like necessarily the real Harrison Wells, I guess. It has more to do with the particles that made up all of the Wellses now embodies this Harrison Wells. So, we’re going to yet again see Tom (Cavanagh) do something slightly different than we’ve ever seen, and it is technically the real Harrison Wells but with a twist.”

Episode 7×02 “The Speed of Thought” ended with a flashback to an event first seen way back in season 1, the moment Eobard Thawne murdered Wells and stole his appearance. We then saw the evil speedster bury the corpse and leave the scene. However, glowing green particles began to coalesce above the grave and gave form to the OG Harrison. Though from what Gustin is saying, we’re guessing this isn’t actually him but more like a copy created by these multiversal particles.

Wells’ resurrection is linked, then, to the sacrifice of Nash Wells and the rest of the Council of Wells in the season premiere, in which their multiversal energy was used to power Barry’s artificial Speed Force device. Gustin seems to tell us that Earth-1’s Harrison could be the new embodiment of all the Wellses going forward, but would that cheapen their deaths that only just occurred last week? Whatever’s next for the character, it’s good to know that Tom Cavanagh isn’t going anywhere.

The Flash season 7 continues with episode 7×03 “Mother” next Tuesday, March 16th on The CW.