The Flash Star Teases A Very Disgusting Scene For Season 6


If an Arrowverse star is teasing a scene they’ve just shot on social media, you might expect them to use adjectives like “exciting” or “emotional” or something similar to describe it. But The Flash actress Candice Patton has teased that one of the show’s most “disgusting” scenes ever will occur in season 6.

Recently, Patton AKA Iris West-Allen told fans on Twitter: “I shot one of the most disgusting scenes on The Flash yesterday,” using a queasy emoji to illustrate her point. “But here’s me right before,” she added, along with a selfie taken in her trailer. Presumably something in this curious scene messed up her look.

Iris and her superhero husband Barry will be grieving for their daughter Nora when season 6 kicks off, following her sacrificing herself to fix the timeline in the previous season finale. Not that they’ll have much time to mourn before trouble kicks off in Central City again, mind you. Sendhil Ramamurthy is joining the cast as new big bad Ramsey Rosso AKA Bloodwork, an old colleague of Caitlin Snow’s who, for some reason, develops a deadly grudge against Team Flash.

The cast is still working through the first half of season 6, but soon Patton will take part in this year’s Arrowverse crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” It’s unclear who’s appearing when and where, but it’s possible the actress will get to share the screen with some iconic faces from elsewhere in the DC multiverse, including Tom Welling’s Clark Kent. Although, given Iris’ journalistic nature, it might be more fun to pair her up with one of the two Lois Lanes in the event – Erica Durance and Elizabeth Tulloch.

We also know that at some point in season 6, Patton will get to show off her natural curls as Iris will temporarily sport a new look, as per some as-yet-unknown in-story reason. Look out for that once The Flash season 6 speeds onto The CW, beginning October 8th.