Former BioWare staffer blasts potential ‘Mass Effect’ TV series

The internet was buzzing the other day when it was revealed that a live-action TV series based on acclaimed video game franchise Mass Effect was edging further and further along the development process. We’d been hearing rumors for years that something was in the works, but this is the closest we’d gotten to official confirmation.

Naturally, it almost instantly became one of the top trending topics on Twitter as fans theorized about potential plot points, story developments and how on Earth the creative team would be able to adapt one of the most customizable console experiences out there into a linear narrative.

As it turns out, a former BioWare writer would rather they didn’t, with David Gaider taking to Twitter and unloading on the proposed Mass Effect show with both barrels, as you can see below.

Even though it’s been almost 30 years since the infamous Super Mario Bros., Hollywood has still largely failed to master the video game adaptation, whether we’re talking about feature films or episodic television. Will Mass Effect be able to avoid the ‘cursed’ label that’s followed the genre since day one? Who knows, but it’s definitely got the potential to be something special should Amazon get it off the ground.