Former ‘Daredevil’ showrunner hoping Marvel gets the band back together

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Now that the entirety of the rebranded Defenders Saga has landed on Disney Plus, speculation is only set to intensify over potential reboots, reinventions, and continuations for the majority of the roster.

Of course, nobody’s expecting Finn Jones to be welcomed back into the fold as Iron Fist, but Daredevil alumni Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onforio have already been reintroduced as part of official canon in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Hawkeye respectively, while rumors surrounding Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones and Jon Bernthal’s Punisher continue to abound.

The first few episodes of Daredevil‘s opening season contain several overt references to the events of The Avengers, including a quip about an iron suit and a magic hammer, so it wouldn’t require a huge leap of logic to pick up from where the show initially left off.

Cox hinted that he has a vague idea of what’s coming next, and while he was quick to point out that he has no involvement whatsoever in Daredevil anymore, former showrunner Steven DeKnight is hoping that Kevin Feige gives the people what they want.

There’s already been some unnecessary controversy about the TV-MA Defenders lineup being added to the family-friendly Disney Plus, so the next time we see Daredevil in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he’s almost certainly going to be working within the confines of a PG-13 rating.

That’s hardly a deal-breaker, but it does indicate that the Man Without Fear’s edges won’t be quite so hard next time out, whenever and wherever that may be.

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